The Fifth Grade Curriculum
Reading Curriculum:DPS has adopted the Engage NewYork Literacy Program also known as Expeditionary Learning. The lessons are aligned to CCSS. We will also teach children through small group instruction based on various strengths or areas for needed growth according to assessments given throughout the year.Writing Curriculum:Writing skills will be woven into the reading, science and social studies curriculum. Instruction will be given in small groups as the needs of all the students vary greatly.

Spelling and Vocabulary:Houghton Mifflin's fifth grade level spelling program helps students learn basic spelling patterns. We will enhance the program by offering students who have learned these patterns an opportunity to develop their own authentic vocabulary lists as well as utilizing a vocabulary program modeled after top schools in Denver.

Math Curriculum:
The adopted math curriculum by DPS this year is Bridges. The program capitalizes on student interest to maximize student learning. Our expectations are high for all students to think critically and problem solve. Students meet these expectations through daily homework, daily math journal pages, challenge questions, fact practice, games, manipulatives and real world applications. We enhance this curriculum with the CCSS to ensure every child receives the national standards required of every fifth grade student.

Social Studies Curriculum:
The Social Studies program we use is History Alive! This is a dynamic and rich curriculum which ignites students' passion for learning. The activities and teaching strategies incorporate the multiple intelligences. Team work is a vital part of this program.

Science Curriculum:
Project-based Learning is a hands-on method to teaching through an inquiry based design. Students work in teams with specific roles to collaborate ideas and develop academic communication skills. This model stimulates thought-provoking analysis of scientific processes and concepts. We will utilize the pilot science program from the Smithsonian throughout the year to assist in building student knowledge.